Things that break

Things that break :







Porcelain plates,

… Us.

When the weight of the world is too heavy, too much, we break.

We are taught that the word means to fall apart, to shatter, to crack, to become unusable, unviable, worthless.

To break is to be discarded.

We break up.

Break off.

Break down.

We break each other.

But then,

A question..

What if breaking is not an end but a beginning?

The day breaks.

The dawn breaks.

The light from yonder window breaks –

Say it with me:

It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.

We break in a new baseball mitt.

We soften it, mold it, make it more comfortable, more familiar, our own.

We break things down to make them more manageable.

We break into a smile.

The waves break.

We break forth.

We break out of our shell.

We break the mold.

We break a record.

We have a breakthrough.

We take a much needed ..


What if..

to break is to


The Urban Muze


Why are we here?!

Welcome Y’all to our brand new blog “The Urban Muze“.
Why The Urban Muze?! ’cause we aspire to make it a modern inspiration to not let our so-called “Modern Ideologies” affect us and the people around.

There are two young girls, behind the reason you read this with two heads full of dreams. The dreams to see and make a change. The change that’ll not limit anyone anymore from taking a step ahead into the world full of chaos.

We are two girls with same vision but a whole different way of approach working together. You see? that’s how everything works on this planet. our end destination is always the same but we have a great number of different paths to follow.
Here we tend to raise questions on the most prevailing stereotypical mindset of the people about everything that happens.
With little efforts to drag the filters away from our perception that we gathered since we started making sense in our heads. With little efforts to carve our perception to make it a little better every day.
With all the hope that we’ll have an amuzing journey ahead.

With all love
The Urban Muze